Astraeus: A BNHA Astrology Zine ~ Coming Soon!sTATUS: Complete


Astraeus is an astrology fandom zine for ships and gen content that invites us to explore the fun and mystique of star signs and the characters who shine in them. THIS ZINE WILL INCLUDE FANFIC, FANART, AND MERCH ITEMS SURROUNDING THE THEME OF ASTROLOGY. SET TO BE PRODUCED AND SHIPPED BY JANUARY 2022.This project is brought to you by Mishmash zines!


☆ Head, Finance, Shipping, & DesignIntroducing Mod Yaba, our knowledgeable and well experienced head mod, who is also handling design, shipping and finance.Mod Experience: Design and Beta for Datte Atashi no Hiro Zine, Design for Aite: A KRBKDK Zine, Design for Wonder Duo Rising: Training Camp Anthology, Head Mod and Shipping/Design for The Inotan Zine, Head Mod and Shipping/Finance/Design for The KakaIru Zine, Head Mod and Shipping/Finance/Design for A Thousand Lights , Dimensions Zine, and The Nanami Cookbook.Yaba is a professional graphic designer with over ten years experience in publication production and several fandom zines under her belt. Stan BKDK since 2016.

☆ Co-Head, Organisation & SocialsIntroducing Mod Magnus, our well experienced co-head, organisation, and social media mod.Mod Experience: Co-Head, Organisation & Socials for The KakaIru Zine, A Thousand Lights, When Gods Wander, Dimensions Zine, and The Nanami Cookbook. General & Socials for The ShikaTema Zine Vol 3 and In Another Life: A SakuAtsu AU Zine. Mod for KakaIru Minibang 2020/2021, Naruto AU Week 2021, The KakaIru Big Bang 2021, and Iruka Week 2021.Magnus is a self confessed fandom weirdo with a passion for spreadsheets and experience organiSing fan events and zines. They’re a huge Aizawa lover and vibes with his (lack of) energy.

☆ Art ModIntroducing Mod Deanvspanties, one of our brilliant and super skilled art mods.Mod Experience: Deanvspanties has a server she owns and mods for. She’s also a host for the podcast Fujoshi Weekly. Astraeus pops her zine modding cherry!Deanvspanties is a writer and artist and takes bakudeku too seriously for her own good. Her mother was wiccan and studied astrology as a hobby which left droves of books for her to read in her wake. She is a proud virgo with no limits to how much she can obsess over fandom and over-analyze ships. She was both a writer and a merch artist in the Shinobiyoru zine.

☆ Art ModIntroducing Fall, one of our brilliant and super skilled art mods.Mod Experience: Ash was the leading finance mod for the successful Shōyō Hinata Sunshine zine! That was their first and thus far only experience as a zine mod, but is very interested and excited to gain more!Ash is an artist and closet writer. They specialize in drawing animal characters, but were so inspired by Horikoshi’s style and Boku no Hero Academia that they now practice drawing humans regularly. Astrology has always intrigued them and is the foundation of some of their creative works.

☆ Beta ModIntroducing Mod Lala Zee, one of our brilliant and knowledgeable beta mods.Mod Experience: Lala has only been a beta mod for one zine, but has spent the last several years consistently in one zine or another. She has over ten zines under her belt.Lala is a BkDk fanatic and lifelong astrology buff. Her mother has a degree in astrology from the 70s - back when something like that existed - and she grew up surrounded by and pouring over astrology texts. She is a Cancer with Fire signs simmering beneath the surface.

☆ Beta ModIntroducing Mod kAY, one of two amazing and knowledgeable beta mods.Mod Experience: This is Kay's first zine rodeo, but she has over 16yrs experience as an admin assistant.Kay is a writer who has been part of fandom for forever and has long been fascinated by stars. She has been known to drive over an hour to stare at them and make up her own stories on clear summer nights.

☆ Intern ModIntroducing Mod Frappes, our wonderful and super keen intern mod who will be helping Mod Magnus with socials and organisation.Mod Experience: This is Frappes first zine, and she's super keen to learn the ropes!Long-time fandom lurker and only very recent active member. Since Frappes is new, this is her first time doing anything. Very passionate about learning!


Applicationsjune 5 - july 5
shortlistingjuly 5 - july 10
contributor invitationjuly 10
Creation periodjuly 20 - october 20
pitch submissionsJuly 25
• check-in 1august 15 (outlines & sketches)
• check-in 2september 15 (25-50% complete)
• check-in 3october 10 (50-90% complete)
• final submissionOctober 20 (100% complete)
pre-productionoctober 25 - october 31
pre-ordersNovember 1 - November 30
Print Production & ShippingDecember - January


1) Is this zine for profit or charity?Astraeus will be both for charity and profit, meaning that after production costs, the profits will go towards all the zine contributors and also our chosen charity: Doctors Without Borders.2) What is the theme?Our theme is Astrology and all that it encompasses.3) Who are the mods for this zine?Our team is made up of: Yabakuboi, MagnusTesla, Deanvspanties, Fall, LalaZee, Kay, and Frappes.4) What are your requirements for contributor applications?All applicants must be aged 16 or over at the time of application.Please create a Google Drive folder containing your portfolio, and make sure that all the links work and that the permissions are set to be viewed by anyone with a link (this can be found in the share settings). SFW examples are preferable, but we will accept NSFW pieces, too. Your portfolio submission must contain at least one BNHA piece.5) Do you have guest contributors?We will! The mods will discuss guest contributors they’d like to see along with those suggested in the interest form, and, after a vote is cast, we will invite them on board. We’ll announce them at a later date!6) How will contributors be compensated for participating?Contributors will at the very least get a digital copy of the zine. We would like to get contributors a full physical bundle, and free shipping for them if possible, too. After production costs, profits will be split between contributors and our chosen charity.7) When do the contributor applications open?Contributor applications will open June 5 to July 5. We hope to see you apply!8) Who is allowed to apply?We’re looking for: page artists, merch artists, and fanfic writers! If you have questions about which application you should apply to, please reach out!9) Can contributors apply for more than one position?Yes, of course! But please note, if accepted, it will only be for one position chosen at the mods' discretion.10) How many pieces of art will artists be expected to create?Each zine artist is responsible for 1 page of artwork.11) How many pieces of merch will merch artists be expected to create?Each merch artist is responsible at minimum for 1 piece of merch.12) What will be the minimum and maximum word count expected for writers?The min word count is set at 1,500 words, with a maximum of 3,000.13) Will you be emailing applications, regardless of being successful or rejected?No one likes being left in the dark, so of course everyone will receive an email with their application status. We’ll endeavour to get them sent out as scheduled, but please bear with us if we’re a little late.14) How many contributors are being allowed into the zine?One cover artist, 36 page artists, 6-8 merch artists, and 12 writers. These numbers are tentative, and may be subject to change based on the number of applications.15) Will you be shipping internationally? What will the costs be?International shipping will be available, but we cannot guarantee rates until closer to time for preorders! We will keep customers informed of that information when it is time to order.16) Will the zine be available as a digital copy as well?Absolutely! The zine will be released in both physical and digital formats.17) Will the applicants be able to request critiques?Mods are unable to provide critiques at this time.


Find us over on Twitter and Curious Cat!Got a question? You can reach us through any of the socials linked below, or alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]